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Automatic pouch packaging solution

Topack automatic pouch packaging machines recognized the world over. We will solve your problems from numerous viewpoints using our highly-perfected automatic pouch packaging solutions.

Our mission at Topack is to solve problems in automatic pouch packaging.
Towards this goal, we have developed our own technology and pushed forward for a half century with the development of ultra-high-speed automatic pouch packaging machines recognized the world over as well as with the creation of automatic systems for pouch forming, filling, and packaging. We are constantly creating a series of solutions to problems in automatic pouch packaging, which include the provision of highly-perfected automatic pouch packaging machines and the technology needed for complete production lines that include the processes before and after the pouch packaging machine.

Automatic pouch packaging solution

Full-lineup series responding to a wide variety of needs

Topack offers a diversified product lineup in response to a variety of customer needs, including the number of items produced, production scale, required speed, productivity, and similar factors.

Our high-end models that are capable of forming, filling, and packaging pouches at an ultra-high speed of 200 to 1,000 a minute.

Vertical type automatic pouch packaging

Versatile model with a high degree of freedom that allows vertical and horizontal sealing to be adjusted independently

Multiple-line automatic pouch packaging

Multiple-line production model that allows the production volume to be increased without changing the packaging specifications. This model makes efficiency compatible with increased production.

Automatic pouch feeding packaging

Packaging machine that allows a gusset pouch to be filled with small pouches in-line to achieve compact integrated packaging.

Automatic pouch packaging solutions concentrate on solving problems that most concern our customers.
In particular, quality problems with sealing the cut edges of packaging film, folds on a seal, and loose packaging are a never-ending worry to our customers. To control such problems, Topack designs packaging machines with the most meticulous concern so that the causes of even the slightest problems can be separated to lead to a positive solution. Topack solves problems in the right way so that the solution leads to an increase in productivity and quality.

Vertical and horizontal seals controlled independently

The vertical type pouch packaging machine allows vertical and horizontal sealing to be adjusted independently, solving a range of problems.

Filling angle control

This feature allows the filling angle to be adjusted, achieving an increase in the filling speed compatible with a reliable filling chute.

A range of filling chutes

 Various filling chutes are assembled to suit different powder characteristics. The optimum filling chute will be recommended.

Hopper adjustment and control

We will use our experience to recommend the best hopper angle, shape, material, and the like.

To improve profitability and productivity at our customers' plants, our solutions address not only the operation of the automatic pouch packaging machine but also include mechanization and automation of the preceding and following processes.
We will recommend measures that suit the needs of the customer, including the measuring method when charging the raw materials, assembling, banding, inspection, affixing seals, feeding and filling pouches, and connecting to the encasing process for packaged items after automatic pouch packaging.

Total solution including the preceding and following processes

Auger filler/Cartoning/Cup measurement/Weight measurement/Assembling/Banding/Boxing machine/Weighing machine/Printing/CCD camera inspection/Metal detector/X-ray inspection

We are always proactive in solving the problems our customers face, as exemplified by our development of novel packaging for new products and new production processes. The fruit of our approach to challenges and difficulties results in providing our own original equipment to a range of different customers across industry boundaries. We offer our packaging technology recognized in other industries for its high efficiency, safety, and stability to your industry. We contribute to solving society's problems in pouch packaging.

Total solution including the preceding and following processes

Topack owns a number of original technologies including basic patents.

Topack's technologies are always problem-solution-oriented. As a result, products we developed have yielded a number of patented technologies. Through the use of our various original technologies, we have helped our customers to solve problems they met in automatic pouch packaging.

Number of patents acquired
Japan 157 patents
4 utility models
15 registered designs
Overseas 7 patents
4 registered designs

Examples of our patents and unique technologies
* Basic structure of rotary-system automatic pouch packaging machine
* Stacking device based on an elevation scheme that prevents the load from collapsing
* Conversion of the sealing pressure into numbers
* Independent vertical and horizontal sealing mechanisms